$425 a month for non-stop, year-round grant writing & marketing services
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You’ll get:

 At LEAST 2 grant proposals written and submitted each year

  Up to 3,000 words a month written for any marketing materials you choose (e.g., social media, fundraising letters, books, etc.)


*Must remain a subscriber for 12 consecutive months to get at LEAST 2 grant applications done.
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Regular Prices

1 Grant proposal (foundation, private or corporate) –  $2,900

2 Grant proposals (foundation, private or corporate) –  $4,200

Website (fully loaded for money-making purposes) – $4,250 (payments can be made monthly or quarterly)

Website (basic) – $1,000 

Website maintenance (copy and graphics) – $350/month

Website maintenance (copy only) – $300/month

Website maintenance (graphics only) – $150/month

Social media content (for up to two platforms) – $325/month

Event Journals (estimate: 200 copies) – $5,000