Grant Proposal Package 

  20 foundation and government grant proposals   
Fee – $1,500/month
Fundraising  ‘Meat’ –This is the heart and soul of getting ANYWHERE with your fundraising campaigns
A strong list of prospects with full contact info.
Get 5,000 unique contacts. (We give no one else ANY of the contacts on your customized, tailor-made list.)
Fee –  $3,000
Fundraising Intensive 
Customized package of grant proposals, fundraising letters, prospect list, and written strategy. Plus, we do ALL the footwork (e.g., phone calls, fliers, social media, setting and attending meetings, etc.).
We set a goal of raising $400,000. STOP PAYING after 12 months.
If goal not met in a year, we continue to work the plan for at least another year.
Fee – $3,000/month

Grant Proposal Bundle

 13 proposals (foundation)

Fee – $3,000/quarter; $12,000/year


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Regular Prices

Website (fully loaded for money-making purposes) – $4,250 (payments can be made monthly or quarterly)

Website (basic) – $1,000 

Website maintenance (copy and graphics) – $350/month

Website maintenance (copy only) – $300/month

Website maintenance (graphics only) – $150/month

Social media content (for up to two platforms) – $325/month

Event Journals (estimate: 200 copies) – $5,000