What we do, how we do it, and why it’s a better way! …

Long Ridge Grant Proposals follows an organized approach when researching, writing (and getting) your grants.

It’s a VASTLY better system than what most grant writers use, because it focuses on in-depth research about your organization and the grantmaking organizations that you are most aligned with in terms of shared missions, values and goals and the types of organizations they’ve awarded grants to in the past. Knowing the precise kinds of organizations that funders have worked with previously is a key component to winning grants! Also, we use a reliable, dynamic cross-referencing function in our donor database.

In addition, I work with you in fine tuning your operations so that grant makers are confident you’ll be a good steward of their funds and that you’re equipped with the right competencies and resources to deliver on their goals.

And, if you’re among our limited pool of subscriber clients, research and writing goes on NON-STOP, all year long! This strategy is best because: 1) you’re always ready to submit an application and 2) your chances of winning not only one grant — but SEVERAL over time — jump exponentially!

Here is a high-level overview of our system for working with you:

  1. Meet & Greet – This free (if not a subscriber), no-obligation 30-minute conversation is our initial meeting by phone, Skype or in person. We’ll confirm that we’re a good fit for one another and discuss how Long Ridge Grant Proposals can help meet your business and fundraising objectives. During this meeting, we will work through a preliminary discovery brief. The information obtained from completing the brief will be incorporated in the agreement.
  2. Agreement – A brief agreement, which will include the scope of the work, service provisions, payment terms and other relevant details will be sent to you.
  3. Finalize Timeline – Immediately after reviewing our database of requests for proposals/donors, an appropriate grant(s) for your organization will be identified for you. At that point, we will have sufficient information to flesh out specific deliverable dates in our timeline.
  4. Proposal Development – The first draft(s) will be completed, in accordance with the timeline. This draft is developed through communications between Long Ridge Grant Proposals and identified parties in your organization and possibly your collaborators.
  5. Review of First Draft – You will have the opportunity to review and edit your submission. We can discuss your comments and concerns via phone, email or Skype before we implement revisions.
  6. Revisions – Long Ridge Grant Proposals will send you a revised draft for final review.
  7. Periodic Reports ­­– After winning a grant, funders often ask for these updates to check on your progress. We’re happy to write these reports on your behalf.


*** Transition to New Projects ***

For continuity and quality service, when the final product is delivered to you, Long Ridge Grant Proposals will suggest additional grants that support your long-term objectives, as identified while working with you on your most recent grant, or as reflected in the detailed discovery brief.